A Springy Dress - eShakti -

Wednesday, April 16

eShakti found me the prettiest little spring dress!
So get it together Kansas! I need to wear this to a cute little outdoor lunch soon!

It has a sweetheart neckline(which is so much more flattering than a traditional tube top, in my opinion!)

The sash is embroidered, and I love the mix of colors!

Did I mention I can twirl in it?

As always, I highly recommend eShakti if you're in the market for clothing that feels tailor-made. This dress fit me like a glove, and I couldn't be happier with it!

It's a Love/Hate Thing

Monday, April 14

Monday and I, we're.....casual acquaintances. We nod politely to one another when we cross each others paths, but we don't go out of our way to make conversation or yell obscenities.

Know what I mean?

Which is why today I thought I'd share some things I currently love and some things I currently hate.

I love...
Coffee. Coffee at that perfect temperature and sweetness. Not too bitter, not too hot.

I hate...
That my coffee finished itself far before I was ready. In fact, I do believe I'll need a refill very shortly.

I love...
This drawer ring pull(Hope Depot). I plan to use it on the dresser I'm re-doing(that I hopefully will be done with by the end of the week...)
I hate...
That the cordless drill I need to finish said dresser project is tucked away in my apartment and requires some serious hustling and movement of large items to reach it. This is the sole reason I didn't finish this project yesterday. I was far too lazy to move stuff.

I love...
This sweater at Aerie.com.

It's sweatshirt material, super super cozy, and has 3/4 length sleeves. And pockets. It's a dream.

I hate...
That it snowed last night. I won't share a photo because I'm pretending it didn't really happen. Saturday was 84, so Sunday night it couldn't possibly snow, right? Right??

I love...
That Brent only has 25 days of school left this year!

And on that positive note...
Happy Monday!

What are y'all loving and hating lately?

BEERDAY - Week 2

Thursday, February 27

Another week with New Belgium Brewery!

New Belgium Brewery - Rippel

This is a newer brew from New Belgium Brewery. It is a Belgium style wheat beer that starts out very hoppy and ends with a strong fruity taste; I could see the aftertaste being a bit overpowering for your average lightweight but given it's strong alcohol content, I'm willing to overlook this minor snag. It sits a bit heavy so I wouldn't recommend more than a couple of these unless you're looking to get hammered.

I give it 3 out of 5 aspirin.

New Belgium Brewery - Mighty Arrow

Mighty Arrow is a pale ale that starts and finishes light. Anyone that read my post last week knows that I'm generally not a fan of pale ales; this beer threw me a curve ball. I think most pale ales are way too over powering, its refreshing to try one that doesn't try to floor you with a bitter pine flavor. Given the light crisp taste of this beer, it is an excellent gateway beer for someone just dipping their toe in the figurative pale ale water.

I give it a 4 out of 5 aspirin.

Bumps, Babies, OH MY!

Thursday, February 27

Don't fret little chick-a-dees, I'm not baking any buns in my oven.

Bump Watch 2014 may now cease.

However, have y'all noticed just how many women are busy baking buns in ovens? I've lost count, to be completely honest. It's more than a dozen bloggers that I know, not to mention my only girl cousin(I have two cousins, a male and a female. The female is pasta-sauced prego. Just to clear that up ;) is pregnant with her first, a baby boy! Which makes me a second cousin! And my parents will be a Great Uncle and a Great Aunt(I feel like I got the short end of the stick here, no? They get "Great" in their title, I get "Second" womp womp)!

Anywhoodles, as you probably know, I'm all about Christmas cards and family pictures(check out: how to take your own family photos or our 2013 Christmas card photo) and my favorite place to order them is....Minted! I've ordered our last two years of Christmas postcards(which are awesome by the way, so cute, tiny and easy! Next year I want to send square Christmas postcards!) and a couple of personalized journals for our nieces!

In this time of need, ahem, you know, baby growing season, you need options for baby shower invitations, right? And what about when the little cutie-patooties get here? You're going to need birth announcements, right? I mean, I'm trying to figure out how I can re-word a birth announcement card to celebrate spring, that's how much I love them. (I'm not exaggerating. I really want to send out WELCOME SPRINGTIME cards that were meant to be baby announcement cards. Too much? Too soon?)

So in case you're suffering from pregnancy brain and need some help choosing, let me help!
Or, if you've got a graduation coming up...or a wedding(did you know they now make menus? ob.sessed.) or heck, you could even get some art prints from Minted!
I could have just said, if you'd like pretty paper, come on dowwwwn!

Baby Shower Via
Baby Shower Via
Baby Shower Via
Baby Announcement Via - This one comes in different shapes!
Baby Announcement Via
Graduation Announcement Via
Graduation Announcement Via - LOVE info-graphics!
Menu Via
Menu Via
Print Via - Minted can even frame these prints!
Print Via

What are your favorites? Have you ever shopped at Minted before?

*I am receiving shop credit in exchange for my review, however all opinions are my own, and I would recommend Minted to anyone in the market for pretty paper!

Go AWAY Winter

Wednesday, February 26

It snowed again last night.
It's supposed to snow again on Friday.
And again on Sunday and Monday.

Pardon me while I go dream of this place.


Casinos Around Kansas

Wednesday, February 26

Casinos Around Kansas

Casinos have become extremely popular nowadays, so it comes to no surprise that most places do also have land-based casinos you can visit if you fancy a night out. Kansas is no different in that respect – with one of the most popular casinos in the state being Harrah’s. This is one of those big casino/hotel chains that you can also find in places like Vegas, but the one in North Kansas City offers casino gaming to match it. Although the convenience and great gambling offered by online casino can make it tempting to just play that all the time. Especially at this time of year! It also features fine dining and accommodation, shows by musicians like Todd Rundgren and Samantha Fish and the Terry Quiett Band, in its VooDoo Lounge entertainment venue. Harrah’s is definitely one place you should check out if you are in Kansas and looking for casino, but if you are seeking something a bit more out-of-the-ordinary, Prairie Band Casino and Resort may be more your sort of thing. The name of this establishment suggests the Midwest right away, but it is actually an Indian casino. Until 2007, the Harrah’s chain owned it as well, but then the Prairie Band of Pottawatomi Nation tribe from Mayetta, took over control of the complex. The casino is open around the clock and boasts over a thousand slot machines and 31 different table games, as well as three restaurants and a large hotel. Another casino in the Kansas area that you should visit if you are seeking fine gaming, is the Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City. This has won a number of accolades, including the ‘Best of Kansas City’ poll by readers of Kansas City Magazine and Instagram Magazine’s 2012 ‘Best Casino’ title. Aside from this, it has also received recognition for the quality of the food in the Steakhouse restaurant, and the live and tournament poker in the gaming rooms. It has an unbeatable choice of both slot machines and table games, and if you try out the ‘50’s Hit’ and ‘Vegas’ Bonus sections, you will find mystery progressive slot jackpots, for big risk takers.



Wikipedia - Prairie Band Casino

Casinos to visit in Kansas

This post is by Chris Granger

Oh Sweet, Sweet Sunshine

Tuesday, February 18

We've had something like FIVE STRAIGHT sunshine filled days in Kansas. It's like some sort of record over the past six months ;)
And the snow is MELTING. Like POOF! Almost all gone!
Hit the bricks Winter, your younger, hotter sister Spring wants to come out to play.

It's crazy how much 64 degrees, sunshine, fresh air and rolling down the car window can do for your(ok, MY) mood. I feel like a new woman!

Like the world is fresh and FULL of possibilities.
Ok, maybe not that much. It is after all only Tuesday, but HEY! Tomorrow is Wednesday, which is halfway through the week and dayyamm if that doesn't get my happy blood a-pumpin' again!

I know I've written this a million times before, but for the 1,000,001 time:

I truly believe in living a positive and happy life.
This isn't something I sling around in blogland. I'm a look on the bright side, find the positive in the negative, sing along to the songs on the radio even if my husband thinks I'm a nutcase kind of girl!

Today, I'm just super excited the sun is shining, I vacuumed the apartment, I bought a new bra(I'm a total VS bra's loyalist), and I totally scored by buying seven Victoria's Secret lotions and body sprays for $35.00. Yeah. That happened. $5.00 each? Regularly $12 or $14? Yes. It also goes along well with my "women of the world, shave your legs" campaign.

This is also in my fridge. Yes. A variety pack of hard cider. I know. I also almost cried in joy! 

Happy Freaking Tuesday to all!

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