And So It Begins Again

Tuesday, November 19

Christmastime that is ;)

It's that time y'all!
Family Christmas Photo Time!

I've had my fancy schmancy camera for about eight months now and while I still rarely shoot in manual(it's on my to-do list!) photography has really grown on me!
I've found that I mostly enjoy nature and landscapes, mostly because they move less than people, but after shooting these family photos, I'd like to practice more on people, because when you get a good shot, that shows eye colors, skin tones, and has just the right amount of brightness, it's like the heavens sing. Or something like that ;)

I think family pictures are super important, but not just because I like pictures to remind me of things I've seen or places I've been. I'm an only child(it's tattooed across my forehead) and while there are thousands of pictures of me, I can only think of half a dozen or so photos that exist of my parents and I all together. It's always one parent taking the photo of me with the other and vice versa. How families get any pictures taken, I have no idea. What I do know is that I made a conscious decision to take family photos, to curl my arm into weird positions to take a twosome selfie of Brent and I. Whatever it takes.
Be in the picture. It means so much more than you think it may.

My husband, luckily, humors me.

And these are the final six for our Christmas card!
I'll share the final when I get my cards from is a refer-a-friend link, I will receive store credit should you purchase via it. I used Minted last year and was incredibly happy with my purchase!) and they should be arriving Tuesday November 26th! YAY!!! I got postcards too. Because they are just too easy.  And cute. Mostly easy.

Right. Pictures.
I wish we had had some cray-zay outtakes but we didn't. Sad panda. 

In conclusion...photographer for hire in Manhattan Kansas 
I'm mostly kidding.
I don't think I'm hirable. I used a tripod for this for goodness sakes. 
I don't think I've ever met anyone in Manhattan because of my blog.
Thank god. 
That won't be embarrassing at all when someone finds me at Target one day.


  1. Cute!! I think you got a lot of good ones!

  2. Very cute! They turned out great!

  3. These turned out really good! They'll be great Christmas cards!


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