BEERDAY! New Belgium Brewery

Wednesday, February 12

Hey guys!
This week's beers are by New Belgium, one of my favorite breweries, and one that can be easily be found across the country.
New Belgium Ranger - India Pale Ale with a 6.5% alcohol content
New Belgium 1554 - Black Lager with a 5.6% alcohol content

Before I get started, just wanted to explain that I'm going to use a rating system for the beers. I have Mallory working on a graphic for it, but it's going to be rated on an Aspirin Scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best. I wanted to do a hangover scale, but wasn't sure how to quantify that. Aspirin it is!

As far as the Ranger pale ale, I'm normally not a fan of IPA beers. The taste can be very overpowering with an especially strong aftertaste. On the plus side, they do tend to have a higher alcohol content ;)
This particular IPA isn't as strong as other IPA's I've had, it does have a small citrus tang to it, which is nice.
Long story short, it's average, I'm not a particularly big fan of it, but as I've been coming around to IPA's, it's not a bad beer either.
I wouldn't necessarily commit myself to buying a 12-pack of them, but it's a nice beer to mix in.

I give it a 3 aspirin out of 5.

The 1554 is a black lager, which isn't very descriptive, it tastes a bit nutty and chocolatey. My favorite thing to do with a dark beer is to drink it a bit warmer, sometimes they can have a coffee taste. This beer is good, it's really dry with a hint of chocolate taste at the end. 
This is a solid beer, but I wouldn't drink more than a few in a night because of the dryness of it.

I give it a 4 aspirin out of 5.

Have any of you tried New Belgium beers? They're best known for their Fat Tire beer. 
Also, is anyone interested in turning this into a link up? Doesn't have to be beer related, but if you are, leave a comment, tweet us or send a carrier pigeon! We'd like to see at least a dozen interested in linking up before we move forward with that. 
Until then...see you next BEERDAY!


  1. I tend to like the light pale ales but agree on the after taste.

  2. I'm a super proud MIL right now!! :)


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