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Wednesday, February 12

For the love of peanut butter and jelly, please stop with the Valentine's Day/February 14th hating.

The thing is, these reasons for hating this day, they're kind of...silly.
It's "over-commercialized" well so is Mother's Day, but I don't see any mom's complaining.
"We celebrate our love every day." Cool. Most people do. Most people give gifts year round and yet, we have Christmas.

My point is, for the sake of conversation, let's say...your birthday is December 25th, and the second most popular topic in the media and blogs is how much everyone hates the day you were born.

Guess what?

My birthday is February 14th.
I was born at 3:04 am.

You haters hate MY birthday. You hate the day a whole lot of people are born on! Do you ever think that's kind of insulting? Maybe a bit rude? We all burst from our mother's loins(gag) without a planner or a calendar in utero (Shocker!) which prevented us from holding onto the birth canal for just 20 more hours.

So, what if I hated your nice "normal" birthday? I mean, August 5th is kind of a drag, don't you think?

My point is, maybe I don't want to share my birthday with these crazy couples who clog the restaurants, make sending me flowers and Edible Arrangements extra expensive, and prevent all kid birthday parties from happening, because, hello! parents need to go away to Wine Country for a special Valentine's Day Weekend!

For this, I'd like to say to my parents: Thank you. For always making me and my birthday feel special and not a burden upon your "couple holiday." Thank you for "kidnapping" me on special secret trips and excursions so that I never noticed that I didn't have birthday parties like other kids. Thank you for giving me birthday presents and Valentine's Day chocolates, for finding cards that say Happy Birthday Valentine! (These exist, my parents usually find them every other year haha!) Thank you, for parenting done as it should be.

In short, lay off the hate. It's rude. It's unnecessary.

And I hope every one of you Valentine's Day haters gives birth to a child on Valentine's Day. So you can stop thinking of it as an over-commercialized love focused holiday and think of it as a day that someone was born. 

Cupid Mallory
*Please know I am joking about all of this except for two things: one, the thank you to my parents, two, my birthday really is Valentine's Day. Also, I do get multiple flower bouquets and edible arrangements. My people know I like food and flowers. If In N Out delivered to Kansas, I'd request that instead.

P.S. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for BEERDAY & Brent's very first blog post! 


  1. Happy almost birthday! I myself love Valentine's Day so you're in good company!

  2. Thank God you didn't stay in the oven for an additional 20 hours!!
    As for being a Valentines Day baby, I am so glad you are one!! Makes you extra extra special to us!! <3

  3. Both my dad and my boyfriend's mom share a birthday two days after Christmas. While not on the exact day, it still sucks for many of the same reasons. Having a birthday on/near holidays really blows!

    But in any case,



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