Oh Sweet, Sweet Sunshine

Tuesday, February 18

We've had something like FIVE STRAIGHT sunshine filled days in Kansas. It's like some sort of record over the past six months ;)
And the snow is MELTING. Like POOF! Almost all gone!
Hit the bricks Winter, your younger, hotter sister Spring wants to come out to play.

It's crazy how much 64 degrees, sunshine, fresh air and rolling down the car window can do for your(ok, MY) mood. I feel like a new woman!

Like the world is fresh and FULL of possibilities.
Ok, maybe not that much. It is after all only Tuesday, but HEY! Tomorrow is Wednesday, which is halfway through the week and dayyamm if that doesn't get my happy blood a-pumpin' again!

I know I've written this a million times before, but for the 1,000,001 time:

I truly believe in living a positive and happy life.
This isn't something I sling around in blogland. I'm a look on the bright side, find the positive in the negative, sing along to the songs on the radio even if my husband thinks I'm a nutcase kind of girl!

Today, I'm just super excited the sun is shining, I vacuumed the apartment, I bought a new bra(I'm a total VS bra's loyalist), and I totally scored by buying seven Victoria's Secret lotions and body sprays for $35.00. Yeah. That happened. $5.00 each? Regularly $12 or $14? Yes. It also goes along well with my "women of the world, shave your legs" campaign.

This is also in my fridge. Yes. A variety pack of hard cider. I know. I also almost cried in joy! 

Happy Freaking Tuesday to all!


  1. I love Angry Orchard. I didn't know they sold a variety pack! I am in much need of some, since we just got more snow here.

  2. Try Strongbow. SOOO much better than Angry Orchard.

  3. We're in the same boat over here!! A million days of snow recently, and today it's in the 60s! I feel completely rejuvenated. I wore rolled up jeans today!

    Also, my fiance would totally second the Strongbow suggestion. =) I do love Angry Orchard, though!

  4. I am LOVING angry orchard right now!

  5. That cinnamon apple cider is SO delicious!


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