It's a Love/Hate Thing

Monday, April 14

Monday and I, we're.....casual acquaintances. We nod politely to one another when we cross each others paths, but we don't go out of our way to make conversation or yell obscenities.

Know what I mean?

Which is why today I thought I'd share some things I currently love and some things I currently hate.

I love...
Coffee. Coffee at that perfect temperature and sweetness. Not too bitter, not too hot.

I hate...
That my coffee finished itself far before I was ready. In fact, I do believe I'll need a refill very shortly.

I love...
This drawer ring pull(Hope Depot). I plan to use it on the dresser I'm re-doing(that I hopefully will be done with by the end of the week...)
I hate...
That the cordless drill I need to finish said dresser project is tucked away in my apartment and requires some serious hustling and movement of large items to reach it. This is the sole reason I didn't finish this project yesterday. I was far too lazy to move stuff.

I love...
This sweater at

It's sweatshirt material, super super cozy, and has 3/4 length sleeves. And pockets. It's a dream.

I hate...
That it snowed last night. I won't share a photo because I'm pretending it didn't really happen. Saturday was 84, so Sunday night it couldn't possibly snow, right? Right??

I love...
That Brent only has 25 days of school left this year!

And on that positive note...
Happy Monday!

What are y'all loving and hating lately?


  1. Totally belated comment, but today I'm loving soft sweaters and spring weather and I'm hating going back to the gym after taking a few weeks off - ouch!


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